Wedding Wednesday {Engagement Pictures No. 1}

With Labor Day Weekend passing, Wedding Wednesday snuck up on me this week! We have been so busy with other things that we weren’t able to fully focus on wedding things, but we were able to check a few things off our list. Unfortunately the biggest thing we would like checked off is the Venue but haven’t been many more progressions towards that yet.

As I mentioned last week, our Wedding Website was nearing the finish line, and it is finally done (for now!). I am hoping to add the date, venue, etc soon, but the waiting game continues.

I have now purchased 3 out of 6 of the gifts for my Bridesmaids. I have another idea of something to get as a “Thank You” for all of the girls attending the Bachelorette Party, but I haven’t fully decided on that yet. Ā I am trying to get these things finished before the bigger things start getting figured out.

We have decided on our photographer! This has been taking up so much research, but we decided on one I met at a Bridal show, and I really like the company and owner. It is more than we planned on spending but the photographs and the wedding video are the most important things to me, so we are splurging a bit. My friends have said it is still a good price which makes me feel a bit better.

The biggest thing we accomplished in the last week was having out Engagement Photos taken! We will have another session to get more around Baltimore, but we wanted a some that were more rustic and chic to go along with those. I found an amazing photographer on Craigslist that had been looking for couples to be involved in a shoot for her to use on her upcoming website. It ended up working out perfectly, even after several failed attempts because of the rain. Here are some of the amazing photos, I will be sharing more next week!

_DSC7902 _DSC7889 _DSC7831 (1) _DSC7760 _DSC7695 _DSC7630291 Days ā¤

Wedding Wednesday

13 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Engagement Pictures No. 1}

  1. These are fantastic and so sweet, especially the twirling photo!
    Smart idea to get the bridesmaid gifts early and not all at once. I’m so glad that I did that, too, because I wanted to get them so much but everything adds up! Getting gifts over time (and many different paychecks!) helps quite a bit!
    PS thanks for the comment on my blog earlier today! šŸ™‚

  2. Stopping by from Wedding Wednesday! I LOVE your photos and that ring!! That last on on the bike is definitely my favorite šŸ™‚ Also, can we just talk about how I have your blog header (minus the airplane) as a tattoo on my foot??? šŸ™‚

  3. I really like the bicycle photo! I also got my bridesmaids gifts early. I used several flash sale sites, so I was able to get good prices and had plenty of time to shop around because I started shortly after getting engaged.

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