Hopes & Plans {4}

I really enjoy doing this link-up every Monday, it gives me a fresh start to the week and helps me focus on the things I want/need to get done. Time has been escaping quickly, so things haven’t been moving along like I wish they were but I am slowly refocusing. It just happens it is right in time for me to go on vacation.

Last week-

1| Clean Eating- 11 more days to get where I want to be for vacation! CHECK! Except for yesterday, I can’t help but indulge on football days.

2 | Finish Our Bedroom- Time for a trip to IKEA to make this happen (for the 3rd week in a row) Half way there! I bought the covers, now I need to hang them

3 | Get More Customers- I need to step up my game with sharing the health and fitness wealth, starting with a clean eating challenge group. More on this later! No new customers yet 😦 

4 | Schedule Posts- I need to get blog posts and Social Media posts scheduled for while I am away. I already have some ideas, but now this needs to get done. I know that I won’t have time to do it next week before I leave on Friday, so this week it is! I have this half finished, I scheduled blog posts, but nothing on Social Media YET!

5 | Coupon- This is going to be an ongoing goal, but I would really like to start using coupons more often. I use them every now and then, but I know I could get better. We are on such a tight budget right now and this would help a ton. I used a few this week, I need to get better at it though!


hopes & Plans

I am going to keep using this banner, because it’s my fave 🙂

This week-

1) Clean Eating- I have been doing SO well! only 6 more days until vacation, and then I am going to switch it up a little bit to get more toned for our wedding!

2) Actually Finished The Bedroom- I will finally hang the cord management covers, and hang the shelves on Dave’s side of the room. The room still looks like a bit of a shrine to all of my things.

3) Schedule Posts- Since this is only halfway done, I would love to get Social Media tweets scheduled before vacation. I will need to find time for this in between packing and day-dreaming of sitting on a beach sipping amazing adult-beverages.

4) Finish The Living Room- We got new sofas yesterday, so now we need to get rid the old ones, sell or donate all of the clothes piling up by the door and switch out the entertainment system. I have been trying to sell our old one for about a month but nobody wants it 😦 If it wasn’t 200 lbs I would put it out with the trash!

5) Enjoy An Amazing Vacation- Since the next time I will be doing this link-up is 2 weeks away and I will have already had a great trip, I figure it’s fine to add this to the list this week.




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