Wedding Wednesday {Good News is Great News}


I have been dying to post about this, but I was able to hold off until good ol’ Wedding Wednesday! First of all, thank you for all of the kind words when I posted about my stresses two weeks ago. It is so nice to know other people are out there helping to support you through difficult times while planning a wedding, or otherwise. Today, I have some wonderful news…


As most of you know this has been a huge speed bump since our engagement, we both knew 100% when and where we wanted to start our life as Husband and Wife and it was so upsetting to find out it most likely was not going to work out. I was so incredibly surprised when my dear friend messaged me on our last day in Jamaica to ask if there was anyway I had a few minutes to chat because he had great news. We knew this could only be about our venue because he knows the owner and has been trying to help us since day one. He has been working so hard to get everything together for us, and I really can’t thank him enough.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his message until late that evening and with the time change there was no way we would have the time. Then last Thursday we had a busy travel day (no cell service or wifi while we were in transit to the airport), and I was not able to get in touch until around 6pm when we landed in Miami. The news started off not so great with details about laws and new zoning problems, etc. but then we got the great news- we are able to surpass all of that and have our wedding! I won’t go into details, because frankly I don’t even understand. All I know is we get to have our dream venue!

Dave will be going to meet with the owner on Friday night, and then he is meeting our potential caterer with my parents (of course I will be in Chicago until 1am Saturday). Once that is settled, we can finally start working on others things, and I can really map out where everything will go. I could not be more excited!

Also- we have two more exciting things coming up for our wedding: our engagement party (this weekend!) and Bridesmaids dress shopping (October 4th). I can’t wait to see some of our friends and family this weekend, and celebrate how sweet it is to be marrying my best friend.

I am so sad to say that this week we say goodbye to Mary as she has her final Wedding Wednesday post today. Thank you so much for hosting this link-up for so long!

Wedding Wednesday


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18 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Good News is Great News}

  1. YAH! Congrats on getting a venue. I still remember finding our venue and knowing it was the place we would get married. It’s a surreal experience, but that is so exciting!

    Wedding Wednesday isn’t going away…just Mary is done with her recap posts. The linkup will be continuing on my blog every Wednesday until I am done with my recaps….then it will pass down to someone else. We want it to keep going on and on and on and on.

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