40 Days of Dating

Working in a technology field has changed a lot of things for me, one of them is the presence of internet happenings. I have always been between above a tech newbie but have never had as much knowledge as say, the Geek Squad. When I first started my job 3 years ago I had a lot to learn, and it didn’t take very long. Although, I learn new things everyday, and still don’t know all the things my macbook can do. One of the biggest changes in the last 3 years is the knowledge of others.

I have known about blogs, social media, email, etc. but I never really thought about people using the internet to tell a cool story, or complete a project. Last year a few people in the office started talking about something called 40 Days of Dating during a brainstorming meeting. This website was catching the eye of thousands, and it became a huge part of our lives…for 40 short days.

If you have not heard about 40 Days of Dating, I strongly suggest you read it. It is about a guy and a girl in the graphic design field that spend 40 days dating each other, although they think it will never work out. Day by day each of them post about how they feel, what they did, if anything happened, etc. The story is completely captivating. Following along while they dated was nerve-wracking, emotional, exciting and bittersweet.

There are rumors of a movie being made about this couple, and I would love to see it happen! I just hope they are able to keep the raw emotions behind each entry, and convey the meaning of the entire project.

I strongly encourage you to follow along day by day, don’t spoil the ending, and be prepared to lose yourself in the lives of Jessica and Timothy.

Have you read 40 Days of Dating?



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