Getting Fit with Victorias Secret!

I have been traveling several times a month for work, and I haven’t been able to 100% stick with my workout program. Luckily, most hotels have a gym and I occasionally have some extra time to squeeze in some fitness. But I will get to this more in another post! The biggest problem I have is remembering to pack for working out, somehow this seems to always slip my mind. Until I got some stylish and comfortable fitness outfits!

Besides forgetting my workout attire, I have been having difficulty finding a sports bra that actually does the job. I am an in-between size, and almost all of the sports bras I find are too loose in the band, or don’t actually hold the girls in place. It also doesn’t help that they aren’t very cute. It was clearly the time for a#SportBraBreakup. When I find out I would have the opportunity to try out a new product from the VSX line at Vctorias Secret, I was super excited!

I own several yoga leggings and pants from the VSX line, and I love them. Other than bringing these outfits on vacation with me, I like to be able to run errands, go to the gym, go to the Drs. etc, all in my workout clothes. I don’t like carrying gym bags, and I don’t understand how people are comfortable in practically a bikini, or sweat pants, or jeans while working out. I need my clothes to move with me, not against me, and the VSX line does just that.

Comfort, style and motivation to workout are the biggest things I need from workout clothes. I need them to be comfortable so I am not pulling and playing with them the entire time. I need them to be stylish so I am able to wear them everywhere and not feel bad about it. I want them to be motivating so I think to myself “YES! I want to wear that today” then I will have to workout as well.

After receiving the INCREDIBLE by Victorias Secret, I immediately knew that I had a new favorite sports bra. It was very comfortable, fit perfect and was the cutest pattern! I have already bought another one, and plan on buying the zip up version next time I am shopping. I was surprised how well it fit and kept everything in place during fast cardio workouts and PiYo.

IMG_0149.JPGIMG_0154.JPGThis is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.








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