Hopes & Plans

Of course I can’t sleep tonight, so I figured I would do the link-up today after all. It’s been a long day, but I love keeping track of my weekly progress, so here I am.

Last week-

1) Hang New Pictures- I had some of our engagement photos printed and I can’t wait to hang them! We have a gallery wall in the living room, so I would love to add a few more this week. I also want to add some more of Dave and his family now that it’s our house and not just mine. This still needs to be done 😦

2) Post 1st Jamaica Recap- I have several ideas of posts after our vacation, it was so inspiring. I want to start with a general recap of our trip, then about what to do and not do, what you need to pack, and a review of the resort (we LOVED it!!). Can;t believe I haven’t gotten to this yet!

3) Schedule a Dentist Appt.- I got new insurance several months ago and my old dentist is not included, so I need to find a new one and make an appointment. I keep putting this off because I don’t exactly love the dentist. Nope 😦 I need more than 7 days in a week!

4) Workout Everyday I am Away- I am heading to Chicago for a work trip on Wednesday and I won’t be home until very late Friday evening. I need to make sure I work out everyday that I am away so I can stay awake and alert during the conference. I am also going to try and eat healthy, but last time I was in Chicago I had the most amazing dessert dumplings and I think I need a few more. Maybe I will run to get them and then run back?   Boom!The hotel gym was 24 hours so I was able to get a workout in everyday I was there.

5) Find Shoes For Our Engagement Party- YAY! Our friends are throwing us an engagement party this weekend and I would love new shoes to go with my dress. I know exactly what I want, but I’m not having any luck finding them. I may have to go with ones I already own, although I would love to find the ones I have been thinking about! I was able to wear shoes I already owned, but I did find shoes for our reception! The ones I wanted had been discontinued, but guess who found them in Nordstrom Rack in Chicago..boom…this girl!

hopes & Plans

This Week-

Since I wasn’t able to get 3 things done that I wanted to last week, I am bringing them back this week.

1) Hang New Pictures- It will get done this week! I just need to find the stuff to hang them with.

2) Post 1st Jamaica Recap- I have no idea how I haven’t done this yet…but it’s coming!

3) Schedule a Dentist Appt.- This really needs to happen. I just need a reminder!

4) Get Things Ready For Saturday- Almost all of my Bridesmaids will be in town this weekend for dress shopping! I have something for them, I just need to make sure they all get finished in time!

5) Decide on my Halloween Costume- There are so many options, I need to pick which two I want to be, get everything to make them and sit down and do it!




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