Wedding Wednesday {Who Does What?}

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We’re only 255 days away from Tying the Knot! Time is going by so very slow, yet so fast at the same time! I have checked a few things off of our list, but not everything I would like to have finished my now. I did finish putting together my wedding planner now that things are in full swing, I will be sharing that next week!

  • We have narrowed it down to 2 videographers, now to decide which we would like to work with
  • I have proposals from a few transportation companies, we just need to go over everything they offer and decide who we would like to go with
  • I have a to-do list for everything we need for the venue. Starting with a tent and dance floor…people can stand and eat dinner…right?
  • We have decided on a few extras to make sure our guests have an awesome time. I can’t wait for everyone to see them!
  • The bridesmaids gifts are now 73% finished. One of the items I can’t buy until closer to the wedding, and I am waiting for samples of the other two items. So far they look awesome though!
  • Dave really needs to figure out what he is getting for the Groomsmen. It’s beginning to stress me out.
  • I bought my reception shoes! to

Now that you are all caught up, onto the reasons for this weeks post: Who should do what?

Dave is a Graphic Designer, so he wants a say in almost everything. This only slightly stresses me out because 80% of the time I agree with what he is saying. 20% of the time he is basically speaking nonsense because he doesn’t understand how girls feel about their weddings. There are things that I want need to happen on my wedding day, and he is constantly asking “why”, that is when I really get stressed out. Most of the time I just want to say “because I said so” but I try not to, I don’t want planning to be a bother for either of us, because I am really enjoying it right now.

In order to try and stop any disagreements or questioning before it gets here, we have made specific jobs for each of us, where we can not ask “why” but we can offer opinions, and decided what we will fully work on together. We have also decided major aspects of the wedding together, and we will each work on our tasks around the agreement. This is really important for us as we get into some of the smaller details that haven’t been figured out yet

I am in charge of:

Decor for ceremony, cocktail hour, reception

Girls day-of timeline

Schedule an appointment to take my dress for alterations in November

Dave is in charge of:

Stationary for Save-The-Dates, invitation suite, programs, menu cards

Guys day-of timeline (which will basically be watching TV and playing video games)

Music, this is a big deal for me to let him handle this because I love music. He has been doing a great job so far

Guys attire. I have been offering my opinion, but I am letting him handle this for the most part

We are in charge of:

Signage for around the wedding (we have two purchased, we just need a few more)

Putting together the Guest Bags

Choosing other vendors. This is something that has caused a little disagreement, I go through several and give Dave all of the options once I have all of the information. This doesn’t seem to be working because he always thinks we can get something cheaper, or better. So we will now be doing this together.

Choosing a hashtag! We have been going back and forth on this one, but nothing great has come to mind yet. But, you can follow along with our pre-wedding festivities with the hashtag #MrsVolpeToBe


How did you go about planning your wedding? Did your groom want to be involved?



Wedding Wednesday

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