Wedding Wednesday {Updates}

Not much has happened since last weeks post, so I only have a few updates. I will throw in a few more engagement photos though! We’re down to 247 days, almost 8 months! Each month my sister gives us a basket to countdown the months until our wedding with a different theme. The first one was general wedding things like a bridal magazine, mr & mrs. wine glasses and a photo album, the second one was travel themed and included luggage tags, travelers kit full of things for both of us, and headphones. I am so blessed to have such an amazing Maid-of-Honor, and even though she doesn’t need to go so above and beyond, I can’t wait to see what we get on the 20th!

First and for most under my “Whats Happened” from this past week…Vivian from VivianStoneXO got married! I couldn’t be more excited for her and her new husband and I can’t wait to see more pictures from the big day!

This week I was able to breakdown a really good amount of things into specific to-do lists. I am really happy to have this done and even though it will be a work in progress for the next 8 months, I love having something to work off of. We also sent out the contract for our day-of wedding planner and scheduled a meeting with a potential videographer!

I am so happy with the way things are moving along, and I can’t wait to keep checking things off! I am also excited for our Save-The-Date photos this weekend!

Did you have a videographer? What was the most important thing you looked for when choosing one?


This one was all Dave :p

This one was all Dave :p


Wedding Wednesday





12 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Updates}

  1. I love your sister’s monthly gift idea – very involved, but such a nice thing to do!
    We did have a videographer, so I might be biased in telling you that it is 100% a good idea šŸ™‚ For us, it was really nice to know the moments were being captured and we could re-live them later at our leisure, talk about little things we didn’t notice at first, remember big smiles and silly dance moves.
    My best advice for video: ask your photographer (or vice versa). We found a video team that we loved their style and price point and upon meeting them, booked them. Then we asked them what photographers they liked to work with. Those two vendors need to work in concert to capture a cohesive vision of your day without being in each other’s way for the same shots, and chances are they have vendor friends who will make a great team.

  2. What a sweet sister you have. You two are so so cute!!! Thank you so much Macy! I know one day we HAVE to meet each other, I am so thankful for our friendship. I cannot wait for your big day next!

  3. We did have a videographer. One of the things that I looked for in choosing one was price. Also, it was important that we would have her all day, that we would get a trailer film and a larger film, and that we could get rehearsal dinner coverage (we had other people toast us there that weren’t able to at the reception). We got interviews, full ceremony coverage and our edited video is to die for. So, those were the things that I looked for.

  4. Looks like you’re making great progress!! I think it’s so important to cross things off as early as you can, so that you don’t have stress when time gets tight. I did that and I can honestly say I was never stressed once!

    Also, SO jealous you’re getting a videographer. That’s one thing I wanted and didn’t get because it just wasn’t in the budget.

  5. I love your engagement pictures, so cute! I ended up having a photographer that also does video, it isn’t something super fancy but it captures a lot of the big things and I think that it will be enough for me. If I had a bigger budget I would love to have something super fancy, there are so many amazing videographers out there.

    • Thank you!! I wish our photographer did video, that would make it so much easier! Everything is just so expensive, and I totally get that it is a TON of work, but other events are so much cheaper than weddings šŸ˜¦

  6. Great photos! Your sister is so amazing, too! Wow what thoughtful gifts – and every month! Awesome!
    We had a videographer and we didn’t get one until last minute (there was a surprise Flash Mob orchestrated for me and my parents offered to get us a videographer once the mob was underway! I obviously had no idea what spurred their sudden decision and was really stressed to find one!). For us it was availability since we basically had a month until the wedding to find one! Once we found a few we just picked based on price. Our videos aren’t the best I’ve seen but they are better than nothing, which is what we would have had otherwise!

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