Weekend Wrap-Up + Hopes & Plans

This weekend was finally something to write “home” about, so I am combining the two link-ups. Also, I know it’s practically already Tuesday, but I was in flight ALL day Monday and had zero wifi on either of my flights. So here goes my weekend.

Friday started the weekend off with a quick trip to Ocean City, MD. We had the option to either leave at 3am from Baltimore to make it to the beach for sunrise photos, or we could head there after work and get a hotel for the night. We obviously opted for the hotel. It was a nice relaxing night, and we stopped in Salisbury to visit a great friend of mine. We made it to the hotel around 11, prepared our outfits for the next day, watched some parenthood and drifted to sleep. Our hotel room was so amazing and I really wish we could have stayed longer. It was right on the beach!

Saturday we woke up at 5am, got ready and went to meet our friend and photographer by the pier for some sunrise photos. Our photographer is an old friend of mine who moved to the Ocean City area when we were just starting Middle School. I have been able to see her several times since she moved, but it’s always nice to reunite. She did such an amazing job and I can’t wait to share some of the photos! We headed home shortly after our session so Dave could head to Philly for a concert and I could work a wedding. It was nice quality time while it lasted.

Sunday was a wonderful day with my family. We started slow since Dave had a little much to drink at the concert, and then went to my parents to watch the Ravens game. Luckily, these last two weeks the Ravens have kicked butt and we are really starting to get our stuff together. The defense was rocking it, and Flacco was really working with his receivers and tight ends. Justin Tucker was also doing his thang (kiss kiss). I’m proud of how the team is coming together and I can’t wait to beat the Bengals this weekend and the Steelers the next!

After the game, we all picked pumpkins and had a fun time carving them before watching Once Upon A Time. I, of course, had to do an engagement related pumpkin, and Dave did something “nerdy”. I think they turned out really well! Also, Once Upon A Time is finally picking up this season, thank goodness!

photo 1 photo 2

Now for Hopes & Plans!

Last (2) week(s) –

1) Finish my costume(s)- Now that I know what I am going to be for Halloween, I need to finish making them. I have made little progress and I still have a lot to buy, but I have faith that I can do it. This is going to be my biggest feat so far in the sewing world. NOPE. I suck. My costume did not turn out how I wanted it to and I am back to square one. Better luck this evening.  Done! All I need to do is sew a few things onto the tops of both costumes and they will be finished. Just waiting for the pieces in the mail 🙂

2) Do PiYo 4 times before we leave on Thursday- I have been majorly slacking and only working out 2 or 3 times a week. Life has been so hectic and my fitness goals have taken a backseat. Luckily, I have still been doing well with clean eating, and it has helped Dave as well! HA! again, I suck. I only got in 2 workouts last week. I was SO busy and there were a lot of personal issues happening that just kept me from any extra workout time. Again, only got it in twice. I’ve been so crazy busy it has been so hard to get it done. I always do better when I am on travel though.

3) Put together a 3 month to-do for Holiday activities- Dave will be having major surgery the first week of December, and I would really like to do some holiday related things before then. He loves Christmas decorations, and I would love to have them all up between Thanksgiving and the 1st of December. We will see how that goes. We talked about this…but it didn’t happen…this week though! Mostly finished. We know everything we want to do, we just need to plan when exactly to do it all!

4) Find an engagement picture outfit- In two weeks we are having our Save-The-Date photo session and I have no idea what to wear. You may remember the Engagement Photos we already had taken, but those were not the ones we had originally planned, we were just helping out a local photographer, so the next ones will be the real deal. I have an idea, but haven’t purchased/put it together yet. I will be looking after work today! I wasn’t 100% in love with what I chose, but it turned out pretty well!

hopes & Plans

This week-

1) Get back on the clean eating train- being so busy has really thrown me off. As soon as I get home I am getting my butt back in gear! Fruits and vegetables galor.

2) Bridesmaid dress shopping- I am so excited to check something else off of my list AND get to see some of my favorite girls in the process. I am so excited for this weekend!

3) Finish Dave’s birthday present- I already bought everything, I just need to work on the delivery!





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