Have Your Heart Broken

I am going to get a little deeper than usual today because a certain topic has been playing through my mind lately- heartbreak. I am a strong believer that God will never give us something we can not handle, which is why I take my personal heartbreak as more of a gift than anything. I think that at one point or another, heartbreak is inevitable and necessary.

As I watch people around me suffer from heartache, I realize that each person needs to face their own battles before they can truly appreciate love and thankfulness. 4 years ago I experienced a terrible breakup, I won’t go into detail because it doesn’t mean much to me anymore, but I am beyond thankful that it happened. I was ready to commit to a life that I didn’t love with a person I only thought I loved. I was in a rush for things to happen, and didn’t think about what I truly wanted in life.

I have always set goals for myself, and at that time I let them fall to the wayside. Until the day I was blindsided and my life completely changed. After this heartbreak, I was torn apart for a little bit, then I began to move on. It felt great in the end, I was able to focus more on myself and decide what I really wanted to do and who I wanted to be.

While I was figuring these things out, I found Dave. I didn’t plan on being in another relationship for quite a long time, I was honestly totally happy on my own. At this point, he was also. He had been through the ringer with girls as well, and had the same feelings of not needing another person to make him happy. We kept telling ourselves this for months, while in our heads we were clearly falling in love. Weekly we would talk about getting into a relationship and it the end we would both say we didn’t want one. These began to happen more often, as both of us knew we couldn’t hid it for much longer.

The our first kiss happened, which I wrote about here. After that night we couldn’t help but continue to fall in love. Even though we were together, we both had our guards up from previous heartbreaks. In my opinion, this helped us. We knew how to relate to each other better, we felt more cautious, and we could already see the differences from our failed pasts.

Because of the way my previous relationship ended, I could see huge differences in my new one, and I knew how to react to things better. I also knew how completely different I felt and how I instantly knew Dave would be the one. Some people stay in their first relationship for their entire lives, and I am in no way saying that is wrong, in fact I think it is great! But, I like to know from previous experience that I am 100% with the right person, I have no doubts what so ever that I feel completely different and instead of just loving someone and my relationship with them, I am in love with Dave.

In the end, I just want to point out that everything happens for a reason. Everything you go through will help you become the person you are meant to be. Even through heartache, mistakes, and interruptions, life still happens.



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