1-Year Blogiversary!

First things first, I hope you ALL bought Taylor Swifts new CD yesterday! I haven’t stopped listening to it. Any thoughts? Do you like her new sound? I do! Style is my favorite for right now.

WOOHOO! I made it an entire year on this little space of mine. I am so excited that I have stuck with it, even when I didn’t feel like I could, and I am so happy with all of the friends I have made this past year because of To Travel & Beyond. I plan to continue to grow in this area of the internet, keep to making new friends, develop more as a person, and make big moves towards my goals. Thank you all for being loyal followers and friends!

I missed Hopes & Plans yesterday because of some exciting news that I can’t share yet, but I will in the next few weeks! This will be something that will take over many of my posts for the next few months, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I will be away from the 2nd until the 11th for work so I will be skipping Hopes & Plans for the next few weeks, but expect some more travel posts, a wedding link-up with yours truly (yay! my first link-up!), an exciting step towards being a real adult, and details about my Halloween weekend! But for now, I will leave you with my progress from last weeks Hopes & Plans.

hopes & Plans

1) Get back on the clean eating train- being so busy has really thrown me off. As soon as I get home I am getting my butt back in gear! Fruits and vegetables galor. I am 75% there, I had a really busy weekend, but I have been paying much more attention to what goes into my system.

2) Bridesmaid dress shopping- I am so excited to check something else off of my list AND get to see some of my favorite girls in the process. I am so excited for this weekend! DONE!! Yay! We had so much fun, I will share more about this tomorrow!

3) Finish Dave’s birthday present- I already bought everything, I just need to work on the delivery! Also done! I can’t wait to give it to him on Friday (to kick-off his birthday weekend)!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!



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