Happy Halloween!

YAY! One of my favorite holidays is finally here! I love getting dressed up and being something different for a day (or three) and going out with some of my friends. Since I am a huge fan of Halloweekend, I never have just one costume. This year I only have 2 but most years I have three.

Before the big reveal of my two costumes from this year, lets have a look back on a few of my previous costumes. I normally make at least one costume, and buy one other. Last year, I made my Peter Pan costume, Dave’s Hook costume, and SharkBait’s Tink costume.

photo 1

We were also Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Peter Parker last year.

photo 2

Two years ago I made my Buzz Lightyear Costume, and Dave was Woody (sorry for the Instagram pictures, wish I had a better one!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.46.20 AM


Now for this year’s costume! I will eventually have all of the instructions up for how to make these, but for now here are a few sneak peaks. The real photos will be up on Monday. Any idea’s? A hint- they both are from the same movie πŸ˜‰


Do you still dress-up for Halloween? What are you being this year?



12 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Amazing costumes! I love dressing up and yet every year I start looking for a costume on like the 28th of October…which then doesn’t leave me much time at all and I always end up not dressing up or having a lamo costume. I want to do Velma from Scooby Doo this year – but we shall see. And I want to make it a goal to start my Halloween costume for next year in advance haha

  2. YES I love that you dress your cat up, too! Last year, Roxy was Jesse when we were Woody and Buzz and it was hysterical. I cannot wait to see what you were this year… my guess is The Little Mermaid!

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