One Lovely Blog Award

On Wednesday I was nominated by a Fellow Maryland Lover, Laura from The Life We’ve Imagined. I have been following Laura for a while now, and I love reading about all of the Baltimore activities she does, her vacations and everything in between. Thank you so much for the nomination!

I have seen many blog awards around here and while all of them are neat, but this one is different because it isn’t just about answering questions, it’s about sharing 7 facts about yourself. This is a fun way to get to know the bloggers you follow, stumble upon or find through these nominations!

One Lovely Blog Award

So here it goes:

One Lovely Blog Award

1. The three jobs I have really wanted throughout my life were Chef, Marine Biologist and Wedding Planner. I was in Culinary school in High School for 3 years and realized it wasn’t for me, I actually hate cooking now. I still would love to be a Marine Biologist but I would have had to go far away for college and I wasn’t ready for that. I am slowly on the road to being a Wedding Planner so I can’t wait for that!

2. I was homeschooled from 1st-7th grade, and no I am not a hermit. It is so surprising to people when they find out since I am pretty social, but I had plenty of interaction with other kids.

3. I played softball for 13 years, danced for 10 years and was in Girl Scouts for 13 years. I loved all of them, but wish I would have stuck with Dancing instead of Girl Scouts, the schedules just didn’t work out right.

4. My favorite show of all time was Friday Night Lights. #ClearEyesFullHeartsCantLose. My second favorite was probably One Tree Hill. I could watch both of them over and over.

5. Two of my obsessions are the Baltimore Ravens and Sharks (if you have followed me for a while though you probably already knew that). I would decorate my entire house in purple, black and sharks if Dave would let me.

6. I never ever liked cats. Actually, I hated them. Then when I laid eyes on SharkBait, I couldn’t help myself but fall in love with her cute little face. She is a pest at times but I can’t imagine her not being around the house.

7. Avocados are my favorite food ever. I could and would eat them on just about anything. Have you ever heard or watched the subway commercial with the women going back and forth about loving Avocados more than the other? Well I could have easily been one of them.

Yay! I made it to 7 facts about me, now it’s time for me to nominate a few of my lovely blogger friends. Join in if you want, ladies! 🙂

1. Vivian from VivanStoneXO

2. Lisa from Lisa Loves John

3. Kate from Relokate





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