Hopes & Plans

How it it Tuesday already? Being away since November 1st really has all of my days messed up. I am currently happy to be in my office back to work as normal, yet trying to remember where I left off 11 days ago. First of all, I would like to thank our Veterans for fighting for our freedom. Please go enjoy all of the free things you are able to get today, take a day off of work, and enjoy your family. I wish everyday was a day for Veterans to be remembered and pampered, out of everyone, they deserve it!

Now that the important stuff has been mentioned, onto my longgg weekend. I love when weekends last forever, but this one seemed to last forever because of all of the coworker bonding, and festivities that occurred. As most of you know I spent last week in San Francisco (I will be recapping this soon!) and was off to Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend (I will be recapping this area soon enough). It was wonderful to have most of our staff together to hang out for a few days and we were able to do some fun activities.

We went to the Autobahn Raceway which has go-carts that go up to 50 mph, that is super fast for a tiny cart made of medal. We all had so much fun, and I would highly recommend this to any team of people. It was really nice meeting the spouses of all of my coworkers and just hanging out with everyone away from the madness of Baltimore. It was also great to be able to wakeup right next to the beach every morning.

After the busyness of the last few days I am very ready to share some new things about my life and get back on this blogging train. I am going to spend this week preparing a post schedule and taking some photos, and then it is ON for the next few months. I will still be taking part in the Hopes & Plans link-up and Wedding Wednesday, but there will likely not be another post until next week after Wednesday.

This week-

1. Get a post plan together. I want to consistently post about things that will interest more people, so what would YOU like to hear about? I want to know more about my readers, maybe a survey will be soon?

2. Make some blog changes design wise. I really would love to get a better design for my blog, which also means paying for a self-hosted WordPress page. I will need to find an extra $99 but I think it will be worth it. If anyone has suggestions about this, please send them my way.

3. Get my interior design skills ready for the next big step for Dave and I! More about this next week.


I am SO excited to share my Travel Bucket List with everyone for this link-up next week, and to start taking part on a monthly basis with larger goals!


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