A Bad Review: Marley Lilly

In July I shared my experience with Monday Dress which you can read about here. Well today I am here to share a quick story about their sister company, Marley Lilly. I really don’t like publicly giving a company a bad review, but I am really upset that these two companies have the terrible customer service that they do. I feel like others need to know which companies to look out for when it comes to getting what you are looking for.

In the spring I started looking for a duffel type bag that I could use in place of my backpack on quick trips. Most of the time I use my backpack and a carry-on, but there are times that all I need is my laptop, charger and a change of clothes so I wanted a cute medium sized bag for this. I found what looked to be the perfect bag on Marley Lilly’s website. It was purple (all of my luggage is purple #sorrynotsorry) and I could have it monogrammed.

I loved it when I received it and couldn’t wait to use it! I didn’t need it for about a month, but the very first time I did use it, the zipper broke. This was pretty frustrating since it was the first use of the bag. I continued to use it a few more times though because it did hold everything I needed to carry. But after those few uses the handles started falling part! The bag is still useable, but I won’t be using it anymore because of the way the bag looks and I fear the bottom may just fall out. The threads were continuing to come loose and the handle keeps loosing material.

I decided to email ML just to let them know of the poor quality of the bag and their response was “sorry you had trouble with my order”. I feel like the staff they have running the customer service department has never worked with the public before. It is quite a shame they have responded in this way twice because they seem to have a lot of competition in the online boutique world these days.

Glad all of that is off of my chest…Back to normal happy and excited Macy tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “A Bad Review: Marley Lilly

  1. I had this problem before with an online company. The product was awful and after many promises from them to send a refund/replacement, they never did. I say go for it and shout from the rooftops! Pictures included!

  2. Wow!! That’s such a disappointment. I JUST ordered my first item from them (a vest), so I’ll hope the same thing doesn’t happen, but now I definitely at least know not to purchase bags!

    • I’m sure the vest will be fine, they have really adorable ones for sure. It is a bummer because customer service is key, I don’t want to put money towards a company that doesn’t employ kind people.

  3. Wow! I’ve thought about ordering things from ML on several occasions, but I have yet to make a purchase. After reading this, I’m glad I never took the plunge! It’s one thing to get a bad quality piece, but it’s another thing to have a lack of concern from customer service. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Ahh I am so sad that you had a bad experience with them as well. I have a post lined up about them for next week. I haven’t had any issues, and I hate hearing you did. I always make sure to tell people my issues with companies as well because they need to know.

  5. That is so frustrating! I hate when companies have bad reviews. If you want to (and no pressure!) you can check out my Thirty-One website at mythirtyone.com/britthanson — we have some bags that you might like and they are able to be monogrammed/personalized. Either way — I hope you find a better bag! 🙂

  6. EVERYTHING I have ordered from Marley Lilly is terrible quality-very cheap. I bought an expensive monogram necklace and it broke within one day. Also had the same thing happen as you- bought a duffel type bag and the zipper broke on the second use. All I got back was “sorry you were disappointed with your order” uh thanks but my necklace is still broken.

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