It’s That Time Again!

Holiday traditions

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is right after. I can’t even believe it. There are about 45 days left of 2014…wait, really?! Is it just me, or does every year seem to go by faster and faster as we get older? Since this will be my last Holiday Season being “Single” I am going to share the traditions I have had since I was a child, and what I expect to change this time next year.

Thanksgiving always starts with me and my mom enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the Macy’s Parade and reading the Black Friday Ads, I love having this time to start the day and I can’t wait to do it again this year! As I was growing up we would rotate between my Grandparents on my Mothers’s side and my Grandmother on my Father’s, we did this until about 5 years ago. Then my mom decided she would start hosting Thanksgiving and whoever wanted to attend, would come over to spend the day.

Within the last 5 years we have developed the tradition of my Mother’s family all coming over in the early afternoon, eating a wonderful meal (Turkey, Ham and all of the sides), playing some football, watching some football, and playing charades. It is one of my favorite days within the year, and even though I see my family practically everyday, but knowing that we are all together, drinking, eating, playing and laughing is the best way to calm my heart.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we normally go to 34th Street in Baltimore to look at the lights. There is an entire street covered in lights, and people from all over the state come to visit. It is really awesome to see a dozen neighbors come together every year to spread the Christmas Spirit. In recent years we have cut down our own tree, but there is a small complication (I will get to this later) with that this year so we plan on buying one from a lot.

Since last year was the first year of being in my own space, Dave came over and we decorated the tree. I was constantly away during the first few weeks of December though so when I finally made it home 4 days before Christmas, he had surprised me and decorated the outside and inside of the house. I was so excited to see everything so lit up and beautiful. How did I get such a romantic?

This will be the last year of this tradition for me, but on Christmas Eve my siblings, parents and myself read Twas The Night Before Christmas, open 1 present, and then go to sleep to be pulled out of bed at the crack of dawn by my brothers who are impatiently waiting to open their presents. We all wait for the videocamera to be rolling and go downstairs to open presents. I am really going to miss this tradition, but can’t wait to start a new one with Dave next year!

The day after Christmas is a favorite of mine as well. For years me and my mom would wake up, get Starbucks and head to the mall, Target and a Christmas store called Valley View Farms to buy Christmas things that go on sale. Lately, my sister has been joining us as well, and it is a wonderful way to savor the holiday spirit for a few more hours.

New Years Eve used to be all about staying home, enjoying amazing food that my dad has made, and watching the ball drop as a family. But they I turned 21 and wanted to go to fancy parties to bring in the new year. While that is all fun and exciting, I am going to stay home again this year with my family, and Dave will be joining us as well. I am looking forward to sharing an old tradition with my family again.

Other smaller traditions for us include collecting an ornament from a special event in each year, the lighted boat parade, and watching Santa drive by the house on a fire engine. I am so blessed to have these times with my family, and I can’t wait for them to begin again.

What are some of your holiday traditions?



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