Wanderlust pt. 2

To go along with my top 7 places to visit outside of the United States from last week, I want to share my top 7 travel destinations from my bucket list within the United States. It’s pretty hard to pick only 7 because there are so many beautiful places within a 6ish hour plane ride. We are very lucky to be near so many airports, and I fully take advantage of that as often as I am able.


Firebanks, Alaska- Can we all agree that the Northern Lights look amazing? I would love to experience first hand the beauty from under the stars and I have heard Firebanks is the #1 location for viewing. I would also like to visit other areas of Alaska and this would be a great reason to go.


Charleston, South Carolina- This area of South Carolina looks incredibly charming. I love the older streets full of quaint shops, the nicer weather and the nautical feel of the restaurants. This would be the perfect getaway from Maryland for a weekend.


Seattle, Washington- The culture, arts, and rainy days all seem to go together perfectly with a cup of coffee. I can also relate with the “12th man” that is the fan base for the Seahawks. I love how the fans really mean something to the players and the organization, as Ravens fan, I can relate 😉


Portland, Oregon- The main reason for this one is the fashion style. I love the look of gals in vintage dresses and guys in skinny ties as their normal attire, and it looks like Portland has that going on. I have half planned a trip here many times and there are so many things to do outside, and then inside for the evening.

dry tor

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida- If you want to escape to a national park about 60 miles from Key West, this is where you need to be. You are only able to arrive by boat, but once you get there prepare to experience magnificent blue waters, Fort Jefferson and coral reefs.


Wine Country, California- This one speaks for itself I think. Out of the list this one is probably the most likely to happen within the next year. I would love to soak in the vineyards with good friends, great wine, and probably delicious cheese as well.


Hawaii- I would be fine with just about any area of Hawaii. Every island has something nice to offer and I wouldn’t mind touring each of them for a few days. My number one reason for wanting to travel to Hawaii would be learning to surf, I know I could do it in other parts of the US but who wouldn’t want to learn in the beautiful waters on this coast.



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