Wedding Wednesday {Getting My First Bouquet}

Ever since I started working for a wedding flower company 3 years ago, my favorite part of the job has been delivering the bouquets. I love walking into a room full of excitement, happy tears, and best friends to deliver such a special part of the big day. Most of the time I leave with tear filled eyes and a sense of excitement. It is such a cool experience for me and I start to get butterflies just thinking about that moment during my wedding.

When we had our engagement photos taken, I had asked if I could have a small bouquet made for the pictures. The designers were more than happy to put something together for me, and that Friday seemed to take forever because I was so excited to receive my flowers! When I walked in the front door of the shop and my bouquet was handed to me I practically melted. The bouquet had MY name on it. I was overjoyed. Dave said I was going crazy because I talked about how much I loved the flowers for half of our 2 hours drive to the beach.

bouquet 3 bouquet 2 bouquet 1

I don’t know how I will handle it when my bouquet is delivered on my wedding day, all I have to say is I should probably wait for make-up after they arrive. Now if I could just decide what type of bouquet I want!

Did you have any unexpected big moments throughout your wedding day?

wedding weds

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Wedding Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Getting My First Bouquet}

  1. Those flowers are gorgeous and so perfect. I love how colorful they are! I was surprised with my dream bouquet at our wedding. It was too expensive, so I found another that I loved as well. But our florist made it anyways, and surprised me on my wedding day. I had no idea it was coming and I was just shocked.

  2. So pretty! I love that you used a bouquet for the photos… great idea!! I always thought being a flower delivery person would be the best job in the world. People are always happy to receive flowers!

  3. Your bouquet is gorgeous! It is the perfect colors and size. I’m not super into the flowers so I’m not sure if I will have that reaction but who knows, I’m sure I’ll be emotional about everything on my wedding day!

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