December Hopes & Plans

Here we are, December 2nd.

24 days until Christmas.

30 days until 2015.

33 days until I start traveling again, meaning a lot to get done.

202 Days until our wedding.

Where has this year went? It truly has been one of the best years yet, but I will leave all of those details for my last post of the year in just 4 weeks! I have a long list of hopes & plans for this month, so hopefully some of you can help me stick to them!

December Hopes & plans

1. Decorate- I put up our stockings over the weekend, but that is about as far as I made it. I attempted to start the outside lights, but then realized I don’t know what I am doing and stopped. Dave will handle that sometime this week.

2. Finish Downstairs- I posted last week about Dave and I finally having both floors of our house. Hopefully, we can get all of the painting, refinishing, furnishing and decorating done before his parents come to stay with us during and after Dave’s surgery.

3. Christmas Shopping- I only have 3 out of 14 people marked off of my Christmas shopping list. Can you say last minute? I never wait this long to have everything purchased and wrapped, but this year has been a whirlwind.

4. Schedule Posts for post Surgery- I have some topics planned already, I just need to sit down and type them. I may or may not have finished some DIYs last week that I can’t wait to share!

5. Send Save The Dates- We finally placed our order yesterday after all of the back and forth choosing the photos. Since we will be sending these right around Christmas, we won’t be sending Christmas cards this year. I can’t wait for next years with our wedding photos though!

6. Update our Wedding Website- I have some really fancy ideas that I am hoping can come to life on our wedding page. Since Save The Date’s will be going out everyone will be looking at our page, it would be nice if it was clean and beautiful!

7. Drive Around to see Christmas Lights- Dave and I normally do this a few days before Christmas before he leaves for Buffalo with his family, but since he will be staying home yet unable to be in a car we are doing this early.

8. Bake Something!- Since getting out of Culinary school 5 years ago I haven’t had the urge to bake much, and I also haven’t had the time. I will be home a lot towards the end of the month, so Christmas cookies will need to happen!

9. Begin Marketing My Business- With traveling so much for my full time job, I haven’t been able to step my game up with my Wedding Planning business the last few months. I have a few consultations set for the beginning of the year, but I would love to start getting our name out there more.

10. Spend Time With Family and Friends- Now is the time of year to spend it with those near and dear to you. I want to have as much quality time with my friends over the next month as possible. It has been a great year and I have been blessed in so many ways, it’s time to end the year on a great note with more memories.

I am linking-up with Amanda from Marry Mint for Hopes & Plans!


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