About Me


Welcome to my blog! I am just starting out, so bare with me. Life is crazy and nonstop. We have a love/hate relationship at the moment. I am attempting to be more present in many ways, but its hard. Hopefully this will help me take time to think and reflect. For now I will be doing some simple blogs, starting with vacationing, wedding posts, and my attempts to eat clean and workout, and also the start of my journey to my dream job, one day I WILL be a wedding planner. Some others you will likely meet as I go through this blogging journey are my boyfriend fiancé (YAY!) and my kitten, Dave and SharkBait. Dave partakes in most of my adventures with me, and deals with my day-to-day nonsense first hand so he will absolutely be mentioned. SharkBait is our adorable rescue kitten that we got when she was a month old.

Dave in DC



Some tidbits of nonsense about myself:
I am feelin’ 23 (dear 22, I will miss you forever!)
I have an amazing Fiancé as of July 4th, 2014!
I love to travel and will go anywhere, whenever I have the chance. Give me a day off and I will be going somewhere
I used to hate cats- but I am now head over heels for my kitty
I am obsessed with sharks (my cats name, come on), anchors, mint and purple
I am a music lover, and concerts will always be one of favorite things (although, I am getting older and concert tickets are getting more expensive)
I am a football connoisseur, the Baltimore Ravens are the reason I bleed purple
I pinterest and DIY like crazy at any chance I get
I love making new friends, so drop me a line, follow me on instagram, tweet me some lyrics, send a carrier pigeon, or do whatever you do to communicate!

That is all for now, enjoy!

twitter- @heymacee | instagram- @heymacee

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog through Kallie at But First, Coffee. I used to go to school in Baltimore at Loyola. I see we have travelling in common. I travel a lot with my fiance who is a professional hockey player. I look forward to following along!

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