We Are Expanding!

Last month I mentioned that something would be taking over several posts for the next few months. Now that it is totally official I can share the news that our house is expanding! I have lived on the top floor of a split level house since last summer and the amount of space was perfect. I had my bedroom, an extra room which is my closet, a very large living room and a good sized kitchen. When Dave moved in a few months ago it seemed like the space shrunk massively. We both just had too much stuff.

We knew that we didn’t want to move but something would have to be done. Lucky for us, our housemates on the lower floor had started talking about moving. The possibilities of having an entire house within the next year made our hearts happy and our Pinterest boards grow. We were hopeful that the move would happen next spring leaving us time to pay off wedding things, and then begin paying more for our house, but then we got a call that they were moving in a week!

One week to get together all of our funds to begin the process of furnishing, decorating and renting an entire floor more than what we currently had. We really didn’t think we would be able to get ourselves together and the landlord would have to rent to somebody else who would take over for another year. But Dave and I sat down, figured everything out, and we are doing it! The entire house has been all ours for 2 weeks now, and we began painting last week.

We have now added another living room, two bedrooms, laundry room, kitchen and bathroom to our floor plan and it feels great! We have so many ideas for each room, and I am so excited to have a room to keep wedding things and craft in for now. Once the wedding is over the room will turn into Dave’s man cave, but for now he is letting me take over.

The first room we are aiming to have finished is the living room which will be our office. I can’t wait to actually have a large and organized space to keep all of my stuff together and work from home when needed. I have been using a small desk and coffee table for over a year now. The second room we are finishing is the guest room. Dave’s parents will be staying with us for 3 weeks in December so hopefully we can have everything ready for them to use.

Here are some pictures of what the space looked like before we started making changes.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Living Room/Office

Living Room/Office

Wedding Room!

Wedding Room!

I can’t wait to begin sharing updates as we change each space!

Happy Halloween!

YAY! One of my favorite holidays is finally here! I love getting dressed up and being something different for a day (or three) and going out with some of my friends. Since I am a huge fan of Halloweekend, I never have just one costume. This year I only have 2 but most years I have three.

Before the big reveal of my two costumes from this year, lets have a look back on a few of my previous costumes. I normally make at least one costume, and buy one other. Last year, I made my Peter Pan costume, Dave’s Hook costume, and SharkBait’s Tink costume.

photo 1

We were also Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Peter Parker last year.

photo 2

Two years ago I made my Buzz Lightyear Costume, and Dave was Woody (sorry for the Instagram pictures, wish I had a better one!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.46.20 AM


Now for this year’s costume! I will eventually have all of the instructions up for how to make these, but for now here are a few sneak peaks. The real photos will be up on Monday. Any idea’s? A hint- they both are from the same movie 😉


Do you still dress-up for Halloween? What are you being this year?


Can I Dress Up Everyday?

Halloween is now over, all costumes are put away, the pumpkins have been chucked, and most goodies have been consumed. I, like most people in their 20’s, love getting dressed up as somebody or something else and going out for a great night with friends. This year my boyfriend and I decided to make a costume and buy a costume.

My first costume was Peter Pan, which is the one I made. It was super easy, which worked out well since I am still starting to be slightly good at sewing. I purchased 2 yards of jersey fabric in hunter green. In all honesty 1 yard would have been enough. I put the fabric on the floor, had my boyfriend trace the outline of my body and added an extra inch to each side for a seam. I cut the top straight across so there would be enough fabric for a collar (unfortunately it can’t be seen in one of the only pictures I took). Once I had the hem sewn I cut a zig-zag on the sleeves and on the bottom. The dress was a little longer than I wanted so i bunched it up a bit underneath of my belt. The only thing I purchased was the green hat. I had grey booties that I hot glued brown felt to and left some sticking up at the tip.

Of course my kitten, SharkBait needed a skirt so she could be Tinkerbell. I used some sheer glittery fabric, cut a zig-zag and sewn it to some ribbon. Hook got his red shirt from the women department of a thrift store, and I put lace around the sleeves. All we had to buy for his was a hat and hook.


My second costume was bought, but I’m not one of the people that can afford a $60 costume. In August I decided what I wanted to be and bought it from Amazon for $18! I also made a mask out of lace and felt. My boyfriend decided to be the “real” version of my costume, and bought a t shirt and used other clothing he already had. To complete his costume he bought a retro camera at a yard sale. My kitten needed to match of course, she wore a shirt I bought for her a few months ago, and I made a tutu.



Well that was my halloween. The total for 4 costumes, and 2 kitten costumes came to about $47. I am already starting to plan next years costumes, hopefully I can get it even lower!

DIYs To Transform House Into Home

I am sure somewhere out there are other gals just moving into their first place, and are ready to finally be able to do whatever they want. I am 22 and have been dreaming of this time forever. But what I didn’t realize was how expensive it would be. I am slowly getting things together by thrifting, couponing, and pinteresting (yes those last two are words…in my dictionary at least).

For me my place is perfect, I live on the top floor of a split level house, which means I get an entry way with a small staircase! That is one of my favorite parts of the place. A few others are the living room and the office type craft center. The best part is my spare bedroom, which I have transformed into a closet! Every girls dream is to have a walk-in closet, and I am lucky enough to have a walk-in, sit-in, sleep-in, lay-in, iron-in, change-in and dress-in closet. I am sure I will have more posts about this one later.

The point off all of this rambling, is I am finally on my own. And I am happy. It is scary and can be expensive but it is worth it. Time to yourself, friends over whenever you please, a glass of wine and a good book. All of that makes these the best years to decide to get out on your own.

Here are a few of the projects I have finished: