My Favorites {2014 Entertainment}

2014 has been a great year in the entertainment category. From new movies and TV shows to great music, I want to share some of my favorites from this past year. Some are older, but had a special place in this year or I just found out about them.

Favorite Movies


Begin Again- I left the theatre feeling inspired and full of happiness. This movie had a wonderful story line and I loved each twist and turn along the way. It doesn’t hurt that Adam Levine is in it and looks pretty great.

Divergent- Girl power! This movie is everything I love in a story, and actually compared to the book, which never happens. My favorite part of the story was left out, but all in all this was a great movie. I am so excited for Insurgent in March!

Guardians of the Galaxy- This movie turned out to be nothing like I expected. I was laughing, crying, sitting on the edge of my seat and more throughout it all and I couldn’t have been more surprised. I normally love general Super Hero movies, but this one was more than that.


The Fault In Our Stars- Another book that somewhat compared to the movie. I cried my eyes out, but it was a great movie with a wonderful storyline. Having experienced a lot of the medical situations with my Uncle, it was very relatable yet heartbreaking.

The movie I wanted to love but didn’t- Mockingjay Part 1. I am obsessed with The Hunger Games series, but I really didn’t love it. It seemed like the movie was about 1/3 of the book instead of half of it. It easily could have been cut shorter and made into one movie.

Favorite (new and new to me) TV Shows

Gossip Girl- I don’t know what I did with my life before I started watching GG in the spring. Dave even got into it! I compare something to Blair, Chuck, or Serena daily and I still can’t believe the ending.


Gotham- This might be my favorite new show of the fall. The twists in Gotham keep me excited week after week to see what is next. I love the way the characters of Batman are subtle, and there is a whole new story line involved.

Parenthood- Another Netflix binge watch for me. We normally watch a 2-3 episodes a night. I don’t know what took me so long to start watching this show, but I love it. I can relate to a little piece of almost all of the characters, and the story lines are so real.

The Flash- I will admit, it took me several episodes to get into this one. Dave’s favorite show is Arrow, and I can’t stick with that one for the life of me, but I wanted to give The Flash a try. They reminded me of each other a lot at first, but now that I realize The Flash is supposed to be such a corny character, I really dig the story line.

Favorite Music


1989- Taylor nailed this one. 95% of the songs are amazing and I haven’t stopped listening to all of them at least twice a day. I am also even more excited because I will be attending the 1989 World Tour in June!

Bastille- I am obsessed with this band. I saw them live in May and I may or may not have cried a little. They were amazing, and I love the mashups they have been putting out lately. It’s my dream to see them in Europe one day! This is further proven by the email I receivedScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.47.33 AM from Spotify


What have you loved this year?



My Entertainment


That may have happened to me before ^^

Anyways…Entertainment. One of my favorite topics. I could go on and on about my favorite TV shows, books, movies and music, but I will keep it to a top 2 kind of thing for length purposes I wouldn’t want to keep you guys here all day.

Favorite TV Shows

These two might be the only ones that never even make it to my DVR because I watch them live (whatttt?! People actually watch stuff live?!).

Pretty Little Liars- I LOVE this show. I watch with my mom and sister every week and we are all totally hooked. I love the guessing game that goes along with the show and the romance that is added in. My only problem is the holes in the story. Marlene King continues to say that no question will be left unanswered, but I really doubt that since there are about 100 new questions per week.

Once Upon A Time- Perfect Netflix binge watch. I constantly heard about this show, but never got around to watching it. One day I watched a few episodes on Netflix with Dave, and we were instantly hooked. I have a softspot for Disney characters. The way the show brings in so many different fairy tales and characters to be in one story is really clever, and I can’t wait to see who is added next. I am really happy with the addition of the Wicked Witch, I hope Dorothy is next!

Favorite Books

Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen- I am convinced that Sarah Dessen can’t write a bad book, but this one is by far my favorite of hers. The story of two people with two separate problems finding out how to make it through. AFTR helps show people that everyone has something they need to move on from, or something they should learn to cope with. It’s always a better journey when you aren’t going through it alone.

The Last Song- I also really enjoyed the movie, but the book was absolutely captivating. The story of a girl finding out about herself through positive and negative experiences is so relatable, and can be compared to so many problems teenage girls go through. From dealing with your parents and finding love, to heartbreak in romance and in the sickness of her father. This book also means so much more to me now that I have been through a similar battle with my uncles fight with cancer.

Favorite Movies

Catching Fire- I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games series, and even though the first movie was awesome, the second takes the cake. Katniss is developing as a role model and even further developing her independence. We all know that a book is never going to fully relate with the movie, but this movie exceeded my expectations.

Frozen- Like I said above, I really enjoy the characters Disney has brought to life, and Frozen did not disappoint. Like so many other people, I always have Let It Go stuck in my head. I saw the movie twice in theatres, and have watched it several times since it came out last week. I also have the soundtrack on repeat while I am at work. It has been quite a while since Disney released such a perfect movie that is comparable to the movies I watched as a child.

Favorite Music

Bastille- This band is amazing. I stumbled upon them last March and couldn’t be more excited the first (and second, and third…) time I heard them on the radio a few months ago. The music, lyrics and the guys accents are perfect, and I don’t think I could be more obsessed. I will be seeing them next month at SweetLife Festival and I will probably cry.

Katy Perry- Ever since her days playing Warped Tour she has been a favorite of mine. Her fierceness, awesome songs, and hilarious jokes make her one of the best singers of this generation. It seems as though she can make it through anything, and really knows what she wants. She also knows how to make me jam out while i’m driving down the highway.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my top entertainment picks! Do we have any of the same favorite shows?