DIYs To Transform House Into Home

I am sure somewhere out there are other gals just moving into their first place, and are ready to finally be able to do whatever they want. I am 22 and have been dreaming of this time forever. But what I didn’t realize was how expensive it would be. I am slowly getting things together by thrifting, couponing, and pinteresting (yes those last two are words…in my dictionary at least).

For me my place is perfect, I live on the top floor of a split level house, which means I get an entry way with a small staircase! That is one of my favorite parts of the place. A few others are the living room and the office type craft center. The best part is my spare bedroom, which I have transformed into a closet! Every girls dream is to have a walk-in closet, and I am lucky enough to have a walk-in, sit-in, sleep-in, lay-in, iron-in, change-in and dress-in closet. I am sure I will have more posts about this one later.

The point off all of this rambling, is I am finally on my own. And I am happy. It is scary and can be expensive but it is worth it. Time to yourself, friends over whenever you please, a glass of wine and a good book. All of that makes these the best years to decide to get out on your own.

Here are a few of the projects I have finished: