Halloween 2014

Yes, I know this is days late. Yes, I know the pictures will not be blogger approved. No, I don’t mind because I had a great weekend!

Halloween in my office is never really a full days work. This year we had snacks, drinks and movies all day long. This was pretty awesome, although, I had to do a good amount of work to get ready for being at a conference this week. After work, we had amazing hubcap margaritas, went to a friends party and then out for an evening of more fun. We had such a fun time, and I really hope dressing up for Halloween never gets old, because it’s one of my favorite days of the year. I love the prepping that goes into a costume, and then finally being able to show off my handy work. This year on Halloween we were Ariel, Eric, and SharkBait was Flounder.

My only complaint about this year costume would be my hair. I dyed it using Garnier Intense Color Styler because it was supposed to wash out in 2-3 washes. Well I have washed my hair over 8 times and it is still in my hair! My hair looks and feels fried, and it is only washed out in some places so it looks terrible. Really makes me sad (and scared) that my once healthy hair is now turned into this. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I have used clarifying shampoo and a deep conditioner.



On Saturday, I threw a surprise party for Dave at a local bar. It was so hard setting up, making cupcakes, and getting him there without him knowing a single thing, but it worked! I can’t believe he is already 25, he may be having a slim quarter-life crisis. For Dave’s party we were Dead Eric and Ursula.



Please excuse the blurry iPhone photos, we were having too much fun to take better ones 😦

I will be posting my How-To’s on making these costume’s soon. Also, my hair did not look purple in person, it’s crazy how much it did in photos.

Did you have a fun Halloween weekend?